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» Client | Hurtworld

$ 0.99 / 14 Days

  • CPU: Xeon-E5 @ 4.60GHz
  • RAM (DDR4): 4 GB
  • Storage (SSD): 25 GB
  • 4 Backup(s)
  • 4 Database(s)
  • 4 Extra-Port(s)


» Client | Hurtworld

Hurtworld is an immersive multiplayer experience sure to captivate even the most seasoned gamer!

Team up with friends or play alone as you gather the resources to survive, grow and defend your place amongst a hostile environment.
Populated by fierce creatures, rich resources & difficult challenges.
The ablity to Craft tools, weapons and armor to help you survive the harsh environment.
Construct a base and stronghold to protect what belongs to you and take refuge in.
Find & restore abandoned vehicles throughout the dangerous world.
Explore rich and hostile biomes to discover exotic resources, rare items & more.

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