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Our Dashboard allows server management and connectivity to become an easy task. No more wasting time on the complicated "tech-stuff", we got that handled for you!

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Choose from over 60000 plugins, and install with just a click of a button.

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Invite friends, team members, or staff to join your Management Hub. Set permissions per user, read, write, functions & more!

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Our Dashboard has a wide variety of features built-in.

» File-Manager

Our file manager allows you to upload, create, download, set permissions, zip & unzip files and manage them in an easy manner

» Plugin-Manager

Choose from over 60000 plugins, and install with just a click of a button.

» Backup-Manager

Our dashboard allows you to take backups of your files at any given time.

» User-Manager

Invite friends, or staff members to your dashboard. You can set certain permissions per member.

» Schedule-Manager

Our Schedule system allows you to set timed power controls, backups or tasks.

» Database-Manager

Generate MySQL Databases, create new allocations and a lot more.

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About Us

Why us? Well...simply put; We are just Better, Cheaper, Faster, & Stronger.

We got you covered, 24/7 Premium & Free Hosting Plans.

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Our team consists of core-engineers, backend-developers, network-administrators, & discord support managers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Below is a list compiling questions asked most frequently by our customers.

  • How do server deployments work?

    Our server hosting process is straightforward and designed to streamline your experience. Simply place your order, sit back, and watch as we set up your dedicated server. In no time, your server will be fully prepared for you to connect. Setting up your server has never been this effortless. Choose us as your host and enjoy the convenience of our user-friendly dashboard.

  • Do I need to pay for Minecraft server hosting?

    There is no cost associated with server hosting when you opt for MCST-Hosting as your hosting provider. We provide complimentary Minecraft server hosting to all our registered and validated MCST-Clients. Moreover, we offer a Premium Portal where you have the option to enhance your server's hardware, choose different locations, and access additional features, all for a modest fee.

  • Our Infrastructure?

    All our servers are hosted on high specification Enterprise Hardware using the latest Cpu, Ram, Network and Storage solutions. List of our Datacenter Server Node locations, Software specifications, and all our enterprise grade hardware equipment: See more: https://nodes.mc-servers.tech

  • Do we offer MCST-Cloud Anti-DDoS protection for our Servers?

    Yes, we offer Multi-layered (or multi staging) defense system for all our Nodes & Servers. To ensure the best quality of network traffic filtration with minimal added latency for your services, we sliced every mitigation node into a few stages. Every part is responsible for a particular task and implements different logic. We use the latest hardware and software innovations in the industry to assure that we are on top of our game. By default every MCST Service & Product is equipped with industry-leading DDoS protection to ensure maximum uptime and security. Our Anti-DDoS infrastructure combines tunnel edge, backbone and network logic. It has the proven capacity to mitigate attacks up to 30 Gbit/s in size.

  • What are the rules for refunds?

    Refunds are subject to our terms and conditions. Refunds will only be issued for valid reasons, such as technical issues or service failures. Refunds will not be issued for violations of our terms of service or for abusive behavior. We reserve the right to decline a refund if the customer has previously initiated a chargeback or if we suspect the customer is attempting to abuse our refund policy. Read more: mc-servers.tech/page/tos

  • How do I get support for my server?

    You can create a Ticket directly through our client Dashboard. You can also join our Discord and get in touch with our support team. We offer fast and friendly support ASAP to help you with any issues you may have. Connect with us: https://dc.mcst.io

  • Are my servers online 24/7?

    Yes, we provide 24x7 high performance enterprise grade servers for all our clients. This includes all our Free/Basic ranges of server plans. Premium clients get additional hardware specs & Dashboard features, this also includes Priority Server Support.

  • Instant Server Setups?

    Your server will be automatically installed, set up, started and ready for you to play in less than 5 minutes after confirmation. Instant hosting & 1-click setups apply to all our plans. Our systems are fully-automated & instantly start deployment of your server instance once confirmed.

  • Global Locations?

    We have our server datacentre's in most of the worlds best geo-locations, and are therefore able to offer our services to you, no matter where you are from, low latency is not a problem. See more: https://uptime.mcst.io

  • Can I use my own server software?

    Yes, you can use your own server software. We also include server/game forks & versions switcher management tools within our Dashboard. We also support a wide range of alternative custom requests on demand.

  • How to Guide?

    We have mentioned a few features on our wiki to view. Read more: https://wiki.mcst.io